Senator Heidi Heitkamp United States Senator for North Dakota

Help with a Federal Agency

Senator Heitkamp and her staff can assist you if you are a resident of North Dakota and are having trouble with an agency of the federal government. (If you are not a North Dakotan, you can find the contact information for your senator at For example, you might need help receiving your Social Security disability or resolving difficulties with your federal income tax. This is called casework. Because it so often involves working directly with North Dakotans, casework is done from Senator Heitkamp's North Dakota offices.

Some issues, such as those involving legal matters, are outside of Senator Heitkamp's purview. You can use the information here to help you determine whether your case is one for which Senator Heitkamp's staff can provide assistance. If not, they will try to help connect you with someone who can. 

Please review all of the information here carefully so you don't miss important information that could impact your case or the ability of Senator Heitkamp's office to help you with it.  Below are the four steps you will follow to open a case with my office: 

Can Senator Heitkamp Help Me with My Issue? 

Before you contact Senator Heitkamp for assistance with a case, please check the link above to see if your issue is something Senator Heitkamp's office has the authority to help you with. 

Common Casework Questions and Answers

Although every case is unique, some questions arise frequently. Check the list of common casework questions to see if it might hold a quick answer for you. 

Prepare to Open a Case

Prepare to open a case with Senator Heitkamp's office and become aware of the steps you may have to follow with different agencies. 

Open a Case with Senator Heitkamp's Office

Open a case with one of Senator Heitkamp's North Dakota offices so her  staff can investigate the issue on your behalf.