Senator Heidi Heitkamp United States Senator for North Dakota

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A Day in the Life of Senator Heitkamp in Washington, D.C.

Between Senate Committee hearings, meeting with North Dakotans, and heading to the Senate floor for votes, days on Capitol Hill are very busy for Senator Heitkamp. Here’s a look into what a day in the life of Senator Heitkamp is like when she is in Washington, D.C. standing up for North Dakotans. On just one day, she met with students and veterans, discussed rail safety at a Senate Subcommittee hearing with Casselton Fire Chief McLean as a witness, and chatted with her colleagues in the halls.

A Week in the Life of Senator Heitkamp in North Dakota

Senator Heitkamp regularly meets with North Dakotans and travels across the state to hear from North Dakotans in all walks of life. She takes the comments and concerns she hears back to Washington, D.C. where they impact the work she's doing to stand up for North Dakota. Here's a look into a few days in the life of Senator Heitkamp traveling around North Dakota in January 2014. During a recent trip, Senator Heitkamp traveled from Hillsboro, drove to Grand Forks, made her way north to Devils Lake and Minot, and then headed out west to Williston and Dickinson.

Working Hard for North Dakota: Summer Wrap Up 2016

During August 2016, Senator Heitkamp traveled across North Dakota to meet with local leaders, advocates, professionals, and community members to talk about the issues that matter to them most. She worked toward solutions to some of our state’s top challenges - from promoting better housing opportunity in Indian Country, to implementing an all-hands-on-deck approach to our state’s opioid addiction and abuse crisis, to mapping out with farmers and producers ways to strengthen the Farm Bill in 2018.