Senator Heidi Heitkamp United States Senator for North Dakota

Prepare to Open a Case

Prepare to Open a Case

Once you have determined that your issue is one with which Senator Heitkamp can be of assistance, you should follow the steps listed below to gather necessary information and material before you contact her office. This will help Senator Heitkamp's staff to assist you more efficiently.

STEP ONE: Complete a Release of Information Form

Because of the Right to Privacy Act, you will need to complete a Release of Information Form giving permission for Senator Heitkamp's staff to look into the matter on your behalf. You can download the form at the bottom of the page. 

STEP TWO: Gather necessary paperwork

  1. You must provide her staff with any paperwork you have regarding your case. This might include letters from the agency, medical forms, and other forms and documents relating to your problem.
  2. The agencies listed below require additional information. Senator Heitkamp's staff will need this before they can make inquiries on your behalf:
  • Office of Personnel Management Cases:
    The OPM uses your CSA or CSF number as well as your Social Security number. For some cases, your date of birth is also helpful. To report the death of an annuitant and to apply for survivor benefits, you will need the death certificate.
  • Social Security Cases:
    You need to apply for Social Security disability benefits (SSD) before you contact her office. Once you have applied, her staff will need to have information on the office at which you filed your claim or appeal and where you are in the process.
  • Veterans Affairs Cases:
    For these cases, your C number will be helpful along with your Social Security number.
  • Workers Comp Cases:
    Your case number along with your Social Security number will help Senator Heitkamp's staff track your case.

Release of Information Form

You will need to complete a Release of Information Form before Senator Heitkamp's staff can look into matters on your behalf. Below are common questions about the form and a link to the form.

What is the Release of Information Form and why do I need to complete one for Senator Heitkamp to make inquiries on my behalf?

The Release of Information Form is required under the Right to Privacy Act. It simply is a form on which you give some basic information about yourself - your name, address, phone number and Social Security number - and then sign your name. By doing this you are giving Senator Heitkamp and her staff permission to contact an agency on your behalf. This is to protect you from having people get information about you without your permission.

Do I have to come to one of Senator Heitkamp's offices to get a Release of Information form?

No, you can either print one here, or contact one of her state offices to ask them to send one to you.

Please print and sign the Release of Information form and fax or mail it to Senator Heitkamp's closest North Dakota office.
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