Senator Heidi Heitkamp United States Senator for North Dakota

Press Releases

BISMARCK, ND – U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp today toured Blaise Energy and highlighted the important role natural gas plays in North Dakota’s energy production.

Heitkamp also reiterated her commitment to finding ways to limit natural gas flaring in the region, while increasing efficiency in energy production, by finding ways to harness our natural gas resources to provide enhanced economic benefits for the state and landowners and a healthier environment.

“North Dakota has been experiencing unprecedented increases in natural gas production,” said Heitkamp. “Blaise Energy is working to reduce flaring so we can harness more of the natural gas – and avoid wasting some of it – and use it in more homes and businesses across the state and the country. Right here in North Dakota we aren't just seeing energy development, we're also seeing companies working to make our energy technology even better. And that’s bringing us even closer to North American energy independence.”

In February, the flaring rate was 36% in North Dakota, largely due to the shutdown of a gas plant in Tioga. The rate has typically been 26-29% per month. During her visit to Blaise Energy, Heitkamp learned about the steps the company is taking to reduce flaring rates by transforming the flared gas into reliable and environmentally-friendly electricity. In early 2014, she also visited the ONEOK Natural Gas Processing Plant outside Williston to learn more about North Dakota’s efforts in natural gas energy production.

Heitkamp believes the energy policy championed in North Dakota – supporting the responsible development of diverse energy resources, including coal, wind, oil, biofuels, and natural gas – is a model that should be replicated on the national level. She feels strongly that the adoption of an all-of-the-above energy policy, coupled with investment in infrastructure to process, as well as transport the energy, like the Keystone XL Pipeline, will improve energy independence and security.


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